Three YouTube Tips for Better Search


The YouTube team of professionals periodically creates videos that are included in the Creator Insider channel detailing how the platform’s algorithm works and offering tips for users to improve SEO and better position their videos in search.

In that sense, YouTube now recommends three tactics to improve SEO positioning and to get user-generated videos to appear more frequently both in search results and in the recommendation section. To buy 50k youtube subscribers visit the site «».

Google Trends

The first tactic they recommend is to use Google’s trend detection tool. With it, you can at any time be aware of the most popular topics on various platforms: Google Search, Google, and YouTube. Plus, Google Trends lets you compare two topics and see which one is more popular. This way, when a user has several topics that they like, they can compare them and determine which of the two is the most popular.


In the Audience section, YouTube channel statistics offer creators information about “other videos your audience has watched”. This section can be very useful for finding new topics on which to create videos that might be of interest to your audience. Content creators should pay close attention to the titles and thumbnails of the videos that appear in order to analyze the similarities and understand how to optimize their own content.

Competitive analysis

Another tactic common when looking for keywords for SEO is to enter a few keywords or key phrases into a search engine and see what results the platform returns. The creator must follow the most popular videos, analyze them and learn from them. As in the previous point, it is important to pay attention to thumbnails, headings, tags, as well as the introduction, ad position, and even language.

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